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Henderson Hydroseeders were built for long lasting durability, maneuverability and efficiency.  Smaller Machines come with wheels and handle bars for easy loading an unloading. All Hydroseeders are are made at our facility in Farmington , NH. Machines were built so that people using the hydroseeder could handle it with ease. 125, 225, 325 gallon machines will fit in the back of a pick up truck with the tailgate closed.  Very portable machines.
  The big difference between Henderson Hydroseeders and other hydroseeders  is the agitation system we have inside the tank. Most hydroseeders only return the water to the tank and dont have a way to mix the material. Our 2inch and 3inch poly pipe system enters the front of the tank through a Patented designed agitator located inside the tank. It speeds the water pressure up 5 x faster. The mulch shoots to the back of the tank folding the water over and over. Mixes in just minutes. Drain plugs and quick connect fittings make cleaning machine very easy. All parts are made from schedule 80 Polypropylene. No rust, corrosion or painting.

 Henderson Hydrseeders 325, 425 and 525 machines all come with the pond suction feature that allows you to suck water from any water source using the same engine and pump. Simply throw the hose in the lake and start filling. Takes just a few minutes per load.

Brand New 2021 Models

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We're located in tax free New Hampshire. We don't have a sales tax. No need to worry, we ship to your area for a reasonable price! We ship our machines all over the world! We now have them in countries including: Austria, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Ghana, Chile, Mongolia, Mexico, Canada, Italy and every state in the USA including several in Alaska


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